The Biggest Magnificent Mobility/Inside-Out Blowout Sale of All Time

About the Author: Eric Cressey

As many of you know, Bill Hartman, Mike Robertson, and I are very close to releasing a new product.  In fact, we spent the weekend going through edits on the footage and pulling together the tag-along manuals.

This new product includes a lot of our newer perspectives on assessment and corrective exercise.  Many of the drills we outline actually piggyback on those we outlined with our previous DVDs, Magnificent Mobility and Inside-Out.  There is even a bit of overlap where we discuss how the “older” drills fit into our up-to-date progressions.

So, while the MM and I/O DVDs might be a few years old, the good news is that the human body hasn’t evolved dramatically since then – so these drills are still highly effective.  However, with new products, older products sometimes get forgotten – and that’s why we figured we’d throw out this opportunity to grab up these two previous products at a big discount.

Here’s the deal…

30% off on Magnificent Mobility and Inside-Out from Monday, August 31 through Wednesday, September 2.  All you need to do is head over to the Products Page and add the item(s) to your cart.  At checkout, enter the coupon code “FALL09” (all caps, no quotation marks) and the discount will be applied.

Don’t miss this last chance to get two great products at a great discount!