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The First Show and Go Review/Feature Film

Written on October 15, 2010 at 4:40 am, by Eric Cressey

Nick Chertock was one of the “guinea pigs” that we put through my new program, Show and Go: High Performance Training to Look, Feel, and Move Better.  While he’s the first to admit that he’s still a work in progress, Nick made some excellent improvements – and decided to make a very entertaining video about those improvements and his overall experience on the Show and Go program.  Check it out:

Let it be known, too, that the next person to come up with a (entertaining) 6+ minute video montage on their Show and Go experience will receive a Cressey Performance t-shirt on the house.

For more information on this high performance training program, check out www.ShowAndGoTraining.com.

8 Responses to “The First Show and Go Review/Feature Film”

  1. Ernie O'Malley Says:

    Absolutely hilarious! Love it! 🙂

  2. Fredrik Gyllensten Says:

    Great video, haha..

  3. Ernie Says:

    Now…that’s entertainment!

  4. Stephen Bergeron Says:

    I just completed the first week of Show and Go and cannot be more impressed with the program all ready. I am my own guinea pig and will be following the 4x/wk program to a T before incorporating it into my client’s programs. Great work Eric, thank you.

    (did a bastartdized 5-3-1 over the summer and never got as sore as I am this weekend. Expecting some big results)

  5. jeff Says:

    hey guys i like the video… incredible gains and i must say i really liked the stuffed animal he was holding at the end. One quick question though do any of you know if it is possible to do deadlifts after having a hernia operation?? JUST WONDERING…

  6. Hugh Partridge Says:

    Congrats to Nick for making his goal! I’m starting week 4 of Show and Go tomorrow. My glutes ache all the time – in a pleasant way of course! I have been adding weight every session, but I’m always above 90% for reps on my lifts, so the progress is legitimate. The most shocking thing though is that I look different after 3 weeks. I’ve been training for nearly a year, I’ve been all the way through Maximum Strength, and I’ve not had a 3 week period where my body changed this much. I was expecting results, but this is ridiculous. I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish with this program in the next 13 weeks.

  7. My 90 Day Fitness Journey Says:

    That was an awesome video.

  8. Nick Chertock Says:

    In regards Jeff’s comment about the ‘stuffed animal’, that was actually my dog Franklin. He’s a Welsh Terrier and he will attack you if you enter our home unannounced unless you have some ground meat for him.

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