The First Time in Five Years

About the Author: Eric Cressey

It’s one thing to make a resolution, it’s another thing to adopt a lifestyle. At over 900 lbs. Manuel Uribe left the house for the first time in five years after dropping 256 lbs, from his peak of 1,235 lbs.

When given the option, Manuel Uribe made a choice to adopt the Zone diet over gastric bypass surgery, back in 2006; this decision has made the difference. Having adopted a manageable program, Manuel has set the bar at 250 lbs within four years.

Ask yourself: Are you on a plan that you can tolerate for the next four years?

If not: What are you expecting to happen?

Beginner exercisers are not the only ones who fall into the mismanaged training program, athletes do it to. The first step in any successful training program is adherence, if you cannot stick to your plan, it’s worthless.

If you are forcing yourself through your routines and through your training, you’re not proving anything; you’re delaying the inevitable.

What can we learn from Manuel?

It’s great to set goals that test your limits, as long as you have the self-efficacy to get there. The first step, is accomplishing enough to have that self-efficacy. Lofty goals and “hardcore” programs do not create self-efficacy, they slowly diminish it.

The number one determining influence of positive behavioral change is past performance. The clincher: was it positive or negative.

Your coach, your training, and your habits should envelop your goal.

I have no doubt that in four years Manuel will walk away from his bed at 250 lbs.

Where will you be?

Jon Boyle