The Good Side of Broke

About the Author: Eric Cressey

I received this email from an online consulting client of mine (a marathon runner). He had been experiencing some unexplained glute pain last month, so we modified the training program considerably to work to correct it. Just yesterday, I received this email from him:

Funny story. So, like I had mentioned last month, my right glute was killing me. I could tell it just wasn’t firing properly, and the pain was fairly intense, radiating down my leg. Continued hurting all this month, which surprised me, because more mobility stuff and rolling usually solves those types of problems. I figured that maybe all the travel of last month had just really screwed me up. But then, a few days ago, I realized that I had started carrying a wallet in my back right pocket, which I haven’t done in years. Stopped carrying/sitting on wallet, pain almost completely gone in like three days.

Important things to learn from this?

1. Asymmetry is the single-most common cause of injury in sports, in the eyes of some really smart dudes in this “biz.”

2. Remember the 23:1 rule. You can have a perfect hour in the gym each day, but that still leaves you 23 hours to screw it up at home and work!

3. Clean out your damn wallet and carry it in your front pocket!

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