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The Two Year Mark

Written on July 13, 2009 at 4:28 am, by Eric Cressey

Today marks two years to the day since Cressey Performance opened.


Looking at some relatively recent research, you’ll find that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that 34% of small business start-ups are no longer in existence two years after their inception.  So, the logical assumption is that we’re automatically more awesome than at least 1/3 of the small business world (we stole their lunch money and gave them wedgies, in fact).

Kidding aside, you don’t just start a business so that you can “not fail.”  You do it so that you can thrive – and CP has done just that.  I owe a huge thanks to our clients and staff for all their dedication to helping making CP what it is today: a place where….

…an Olympic boxer can share a stability ball with Pete in the office while getting awkwardly close to another man’s meatloaf lunch


…it’s considered perfectly acceptable to foam roll in catcher’s gear.

…ladies and 68-year-old men alike bang out pull-ups like nobody’s business.

…the average lifespan of a medicine ball is about seven minutes.


…it isn’t uncommon for old clients to come back, handcuff Tony, and leave him for dead (out of love, for the record).


Interestingly, we haven’t spent a penny on advertising over the two years; the business has grown purely by word of mouth.  Is it any wonder when you can see stuff like this almost every time you enter the facility?

Thanks again to everyone involved for making my job so fun and for sharing my vision.

12 Responses to “The Two Year Mark”

  1. Todd Hamer Says:

    Great work EC. You are the smartest dude I know and I know some smart dudes! haha. Wait who am I to judge who the smart dudes are? Well since I am not that smart. Congrats on two years

  2. Randy Says:

    Keep up the good work! Here is to continued growth over the next 2 years and beyond!

  3. Stu Says:


    How about opening up shop in Toronto? You can start franchising out, develop a cheesy mascot (a cartoon version of Roger?), and let others sully your otherwise good name?

  4. Steph Says:

    Eric I have trained with you for almost three years, followed you to three different facilities (while hearing the same three cds during all of this), seen you publish books (you actually popped up on my Amazon page the other day), get engaged to your amazing fiance but the accomplishment I am most proud of? That you actually ate a cupcake at the surprise engagement dinner we threw for you. Now that is progress.

  5. Stu Says:

    hahahaha “Same three cds”

  6. Emma Phoebe Says:

    Why don’t you come over to Germany? We have to make do with your books and DVDs of your seminars…

  7. Michael Says:

    Fantastic work Eric. I remember reading your first article on rotator cuff training at t-nation so many years ago and being impressed.

    Hope to be in the U.S in a few years and CP will be one of the first places i’ll be visiting.


  8. Zach Says:

    Congrats Eric! I missed training with you guys last time i was in MA, but next time, it’s ON!

  9. SteelerBill Says:

    In the word’s of Dan Dierdorf…Kudos…

  10. Luka Hocevar Says:

    congratulations!! I know CP is just getting started as I have experienced the environment first hand.

    Thanks for being and inspiration and keep going strong. I will be at CP sometime soon again!


  11. Derek Says:

    AS a student athlete in high school the past two years and 2 months (if we count pre CP) have helped me enormously with my performance. congradulations for reaching the 2 year mark

  12. Joe Observer Says:

    No Advertising? EC, you have got to be kidding! You wouldn’t be where you are without your knowledge and passion, however, you have been blogging, writing, appearing, schmoozing, etc..for long before CP opened. That is advertising…damn smart advertising..but it is advertising.

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