The Ultimate Off-Season Training Manual

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Take a Comprehensive Look at High-Level,
       Year-Round Athletic Development!

Fellow Athletes and Coaches,

I simply can’t stand it anymore. I’ve watched it with my own eyes, and heard about it with my own ears – thousands of times. MILLIONS of hard-working, dedicated athletes are spinning their wheels with ineffective off-season programming. These are athletes just like YOU and those that YOU coach. They’re experiencing mediocre gains or no gains when they should be improving dramatically. They’re settling for acceptable when they could be getting optimal. They’re sitting on the bench when they should be starting and winning MVP awards and championship trophies.

The time has come for an off-season training resource that will revolutionize the way that athletes and coaches approach this crucial time of the training year. The time has come to get to the truth. The Ultimate Off-Season Training Manual is that truth and much, much more!


Unlike other resources out there that just provide cookie cutter programs, this breakthrough manual won’t just teach you the “what;” it’ll teach you the “who, what, when, where, how and why!” It’s not a “do this” or a “the textbook says this” guide; it’s a how-to manual that will show you step-by-step what it takes to become a superior athlete faster than you ever thought possible!


Here’s a sample of what this cutting-edge manual covers:

· The difference between what an athlete or coach wants to hear and what that individual needs to hear when it comes to performance enhancement training.

· Why a counterintuitive approach to off-season programming is the key to success.

· The introduction of the “Black Hole of Athleticism,” the area in which the majority of athletes and go astray in programming.

· A discussion of the wide range of factors that can limit athletic performance, how they interact with each other, and how to enhance them so that YOU can reach all-new levels of performance!

· How effective off-season programming can dramatically reduce the risk of injury.

· The differences among overload, over-reaching, and overtraining – and how to evaluate an athlete if you suspect true overtraining.

· Sample yearly planning models for a wide variety of sports – and a tutorial on how to divide your own off-season into the early off-season, general off-season, and late off-season for optimal results.

· How to construct an ideal early off-season template to set the stage for an insanely productive off-season.

· The best performance tests to not only evaluate an athlete’s physical state, but also gather information upon which to base programming for YOU.

· A discussion of the Static-Spring Continuum and how to determine where an athlete exists on this continuum (this alone is worth the price of the manual and a whole lot more).

· Recommendations on how static-proficient and spring-proficient athletes should train differently than each other

· How to integrate active recovery into an off-season training template so that you feel motivated to train.

· How I added four inches to my vertical jump in a matter of months – accidentally!

· Why the general off-season is the “meat and potatoes” of the training year, and how to make the most of it.

· How to individualize the start-up point for the late off-season.

· How to use the late off-season to prepare for preseason without sacrificing the incredible gains YOU make in the general off-season

· What diminished rest interval training is, and what it means to YOU.

· How to consolidate your most taxing training within the training week to allow for optimal performance with sufficient rest.

· The difference between open-loop and closed-loop training – and when to use each during the training year.

· How to effectively integrate Strongman training into your training year.

· 30 Weeks of Sample Programming – including Mobility, Strength, Reactive, and Movement Training!


Wait…there’s more!

In addition to teaching you how to plan so that you and your athletes perform at all new levels, this manual will make you an instant expert in the field! You’ll know:

· What’s right and what’s wrong with the current state of performance enhancement training in young athletes.

· How to spot a phony performance enhancement coach or facility.

· Why quarterbacks are vertical jumping over 40 inches all the time, while only a few prospects at the NBA combine are even topping 35 inches!

· How to determine if a young athlete is ready for specialization.

· Why a “Go Faster” athlete will always triumph over a “Go Longer” athlete with proper training.

· Why the weight lifted on a one-repetition maximum attempt only tells you half the story; you’re missing some important information if bar weight is the only thing you’re considering!


The fantastic information contained in this manual isn’t just particular to a certain class of athletes, either. It has tremendous value to athletes in a variety of sports:

· Football
· Basketball
· Soccer
· Baseball/Softball
· Hockey
· Field Hockey
· Mixed Martial Arts
· Lacrosse
· Track & Field
· Rugby
· Skiing
· Volleyball
· Swimming
· Crew
· Cycling
· Distance Running
· And many more!

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