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Unstable Surface Training

Written on November 23, 2008 at 3:38 pm, by Eric Cressey

Finally, the truth is revealed and you can fully grasp one of the most misunderstood and controversial aspects of the fitness industry…

Unstable surface training has taken the world of fitness and strength and conditioning by storm.   Everywhere you go, you’ll find wobble boards, foam pads, full and half-dome stability balls, and inflatable rubber discs dictating the way people exercise.

However, there has been very little research done to validate or refute the use of these implements in healthy, trained populations. Trainers, coaches, therapists, and ordinary weekend warriors have essentially been flying blind when they use these implements. That is, until now!

Do you want to know the truth?


The Truth About Unstable Surface Training is the culmination of more than three years of intensive study, research, experimentation, and analysis on my part – combined with my “in the trenches” observations as a competitive athlete myself. Effectively, with this e-book, I’ve outlined and then translated the research to the real-world so that fitness professionals and exercisers can understand how to effectively integrate (or omit) unstable surface training in their programs.

Here's what a few industry leaders had to say about the product:

"I used to advise trainers and other strength professionals that they must always continue to develop themselves and continue their education by reading every book and article and attending every seminar – but I was wrong. My advice now is to be very selective with the resources you seek out and the research and products you obtain. There is so much misinformation in the fitness industry and so much junk on the internet that it's easy to be misguided.

"So what is the right information? Without hesitation, I can say anything from Eric Cressey. His new e-book, The Truth About Unstable Surface Training, is no exception. Learn how unstable surface training originated in a rehabilitative setting and led to one of the biggest controversies in the fitness industry today. I was honored to get a first look at this resources. It was not just the literature review, studies, exercise demonstrations and progressions that were eye-opening; it was the practical applications. As always, Eric provides a thorough explanation of complex ideas.

"If you’ve ever found yourself – or come across someone – using the term “functional training,” you absolutely must buy The Truth About Unstable Surface Training right now!"

Jim Smith, CSCS
Author, Combat Core: Advanced Torso Training

"In The Truth About Unstable Surface Training, Eric Cressey has created tremendous resource - and, in fact, the ONLY resource one should consult on the topic of unstable surface training. Eric's writing sheds light on the correct and incorrect times to incorporate these training initiatives in one's programming.

The best part of this manual? It covers both the scientific background AND the practical application of unstable surface training. If you're a personal trainer, strength coach, or fitness enthusiastic who has used or contemplated using these mediums in your programming, you owe it to yourself to pick up this e-book."

Mike Robertson, MS, CSCS, USAW
Author, Bulletproof Knees

What You’ll Learn in The Truth About Unstable Surface Training:

  • The origins of unstable surface training

  • The problems with research-to-date on unstable surface training, and why you’ve been mislead

  • The difference between balance and stability

  • The five factors affecting one’s stability, and how you can modify them to become a more stable athlete

  • How unstable surfaces alter muscular recruitment patterns – and how you can use those alterations to your advantage or disadvantage

  • The actual science – and research data – that quantifiably justifies or refutes specific uses of unstable surface training

  • Guidelines for when and how to implement unstable surface training to maximize training efficiency and help you avoid wasting time and effort

  • How unstable surface training can help or hinder performance in different athletes

  • How unstable surfaces can increase the risk of injury in some populations, while actually rehabilitating others

  • Guidelines for alternative, more sport-specific instability approaches when unstable surface training is not the best avenue to pursue

  • 21 different stability progression models encompassing over 50 exercises with photos and descriptions

  • How to train balance for maximum functional carryover and superior athletic performance

All in all, you get the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY, and HOW: everything you could possibly want to know about unstable surface training.

If you are a personal trainer, just think of what $39.99 is: far less than the cost of a single session with one of your clients!  When you think about what you're getting - a lifetime of instability training exercise progressions for your clients - this e-book is an investment in your professional success, not an expense.  Just ask Matt McGorry:

"This e-book is the first real objective look at unstable surface training for non-injured populations that I have ever seen. When someone comes along who doesn’t accept anecdotal evidence and industry hype as dogma, it makes a lot of people angry. This manual is going to do just that.

“Cressey uses hard facts and research to disprove what many of the so-called fitness and performance experts have been touting as gospel ever since unstable surface training first hit the market. At the same time, though, he’s objective in pointing out the merits of such training in certain circumstances, outlining dozens of extremely effective, results-based exercise variations that can be scaled to challenge anyone from the novice trainee to the elite athlete.

“If you are a fitness or sports performance professional who is interested in learning about the real world of ‘core’ and ‘functional’ training, then you absolutely must buy this manual.”

Matt McGorry
Fitness and Performance Coach – New York, NY


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    […] FYI despite the hyperbolic title, some good research herein Unstable Surface Training | EricCressey.com mc __________________ * geekfit tips for geek health; nopain…nopain work blog; begin2dig […]

  2. iva de Souza Says:

    SUPER SUPER fantastic!

    Well done Erik – I’m so glad to have you as my mentor.
    Thanks and God bless you.

  3. Eric Says:

    I think i need to get this product. I am one of the minority who actually works or plays on an unstable surface. Specifically, I race or sail 40+ foot sailboats offshore. Working on a plunging deck in active seas can be a challenge.

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