What To Do In Miami With No Sun

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Anna and I have probably already told most of you about the poor weather on our trip to Florida, but I’d say that this video confirms just how desperate we were to keep our minds off the lack of sunshine!

Check this out (from impackfitness.com):

“Prowler/Farmer’s Walk Finisher that took place featuring San Francisco Giants Right Fielder Eddy Martenez-Estve and World Renowned Strength Coach Eric Cressey and girlfriend. Needless to say I’ve heard how Boston cats get down but now I now first hand…”


Anna and I got in a lift with Matt Pack, a great strength coach and buddy of mine who trains strongman out of his garage down there. Martenez was the first round pick out of Florida State back in 2004.

They didn’t get any footage of the tire flipping, sledgehammer work, sandbag carries, or rope climbing – but we definitely did it all!

And it once again reiterates that I have the coolest girlfriend ever!

Eric Cressey