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Maximum Strength Feedback: June 4

Written on June 3, 2009 at 11:15 am, by Eric Cressey

Another day, another happy Maximum Strength customer!

“Hey Eric,
Just wrapped up your Maximum Strength program and I was definitely more than pleased with the results.  I know it’s a little weird that I switched up the box height on the box squat.  I switched because the pre-MS box squat was the first time I ever performed the box squat. Here are my numbers:

Starting Numbers
Body Fat: 16%
Weight: 178 at 5’9
Bench: 215
Box Squat (24 inch box): 315
Deadlift: 330
3 RM Chin: BW+35
Broadjump: 87 in.

Ending Numbers
Body Fat: 10%
Weight: 170
Bench: 240
Box Squat (12 inch box): 325
Conventional Deadlift: 403
3RM Chin: BW+50
Broadjump: 96 in.

Thanks Eric!

Mike Coval”

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3 Responses to “Maximum Strength Feedback: June 4”

  1. Jerry Johnson Says:

    Hi Eric, I finished MS last Saturday.
    I was pleased with the workout and will do it again. I developed some knee pain half way through so my leg numbers were lower than they should have been. I am 54 and have flat feet. PT just put me in arch supports and will do more next week. Anyway
    Squat no box 315 to 325
    Dl 385 to 405

  2. Jerry Johnson Says:

    Bench 295 to 330
    3rep chin up Bw+50 to bw +60
    Beginning wt. 222 ending 216
    Percent BF stayed about 21
    broad jump 93 stayed 93
    Thanks again for putting that together. I am doing the PN lean eating program now to the end of the year. I would like to get the BF down and continue to get my numbers up. Maybe a meet some day. Jerry

  3. Matt S Says:


    I’m running through the program right now. Tomorrow starts Week 3 of Phase 1 for me. I tested my max box squat at 470. Already, last week I was able to put up 430 for 4 reps!!

    I have never done any work to address my weaknesses and very little single/arm leg work in the past. I have done very limited mobility work also. All of these factors are making a huge difference for me.

    I’ve reviewed MS on my site, and I am also keeping a journal of my MS experience. John Berardi personally recommended the book to me last time we spoke.

    Some of the overhead pressing is hurting me, so I’m trying doing daily corrective work on top of what the program recommends.

    Here is my journal for anyone who is interested:


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