Maximum Strength Works for Females, Too!

About the Author: Eric Cressey

I received this email this weekend from a very satisfied female Maximum Strength customer.  It should put to rest any doubts about whether or not this program works for females:

Dear Eric,

Hello, I’m Kelsey Doucette. I’m a 22 year old (female) powerlifter and aspiring Olympic lifter. I just finished your Maximum Strength program. I made splendid gains.

Beginning:                              End:

Body weight: 113                     Body weight: 115
Squat- 200                              Squat: 205
Deadlift: 265                           Deadlift: 260
Bench:  115                             Bench: 135
Pull-ups: 15 lbs extra               Pull- ups: 25 lbs extra
Broad jump: > 5 ft                   Broad jump: 7.5 ft

You’re probably wondering about the squat and deadlift numbers (and why I’m ecstatic about them). Allow me to explain.  Right before I began your program, I just started physical therapy for my hips. Among a myriad of problems (I was considered “a train wreck” by the therapists) one was that I had weak adductors, hip flexors and poor (I mean REALLY poor) glute activation. I also had horrendous hip mobility. I started your program and noticed a difference within the first two weeks just from doing the mobility warm-ups and foam rolling. Not only did your program inspire me to lift like a real strength athlete (I am a former body builder. I decided I liked lifting better than posing) but also to aggressively attack my hip issues both with knowledge and actions.

It was about half way through your program when during a squat I felt my glutes activate. I was so excited I jumped up and down in jubilation once I finished my set. The same thing happened with deadlifts.  So I guess you could say I squatted 205 and deadlifted 260 WITH glute activation, which I consider a major accomplishment from where I started.

My conclusion is that even though my numbers didn’t change a whole lot (at least on the two lifts I really care about. I think i was just sick of benching less than a plate and that’s why my bench went up so much) I feel like a much more efficient lifter. My muscles are firing in synchrony like they’re supposed to and I’m now on my way to busting my former lifting plateaus. I also understand my body a lot more and I’m enthusiastically devouring as much knowledge about strength and conditioning as I can.

Thank you!


Kelsey Doucette


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