Random Friday Thoughts: 3/6/09

About the Author: Eric Cressey

1. Last weekend, my girlfriend and I headed down to Florida for a quick three-day escape to warm weather, but today, we’ll be shooting up to Southern Maine to visit with my mother’s class.  She’s a teacher at my old stomping grounds, Kennebunk High School (Go Rams).  I’ll be chatting with her students about fascinating topics such as:

a. how to make a fried egg without a spatula
b. how I became a ninja without ever receiving a degree in ninjalogy from an accredited institution
c. why Tony Gentilcore’s knee sleeves smell worse than…well…anything
d. why they should wear belts and stop turning the brims of their baseball caps off to the side

2. I had a new article published yesterday at T-Nation: Seven Habits of Highly Defective Benchers

In reality, this article could have been called “Why Kevin Larrabee has missed a 300-pound bench press 931 times.”

And, a second attempt, just because the first one was sooooo close…

Don’t worry, Larrabee; you’re still my boy.

3. Speaking of writing, I actually got started on a new project this week.  Things quiet down a bit for me during the high school baseball season, so it is when I focus more on seminars, writing, and rescuing kittens from trees.

4. This week’s 16×16 sled relay went a lot more smoothly than last week.  In fact, we beat our best time by about 45 seconds.  We’ve got one more week of this madness, and then we’ll find something new for the Thursday insanity.

5. Just a quick note of congratulations to the Lincoln-Sudbury hockey team, whose season came to an end with a tough loss in the state semifinals last night.  Nine guys from the team trained with us last off-season, and these guys deserved all the success that came their way.  Nice job this season, fellas.

Have a great weekend!