Random Friday Thoughts: 5/1/09

About the Author: Eric Cressey

1. First off, a little recognition for the Lincoln-Sudbury baseball team and coaching staff; LS baseball was was ranked #1 in Massachusetts by the Boston Herald this week.  The guys ran their record to 10-0 with a 12-3 win yesterday.  Just about every varsity player on the LS squad trains at Cressey Performance, and when you watch them get after it – whether it’s the off-season or in-season – it’s no surprise why these guys are doing special things.  Here’s are the starting RF, LF/RHP, 2B, and SS getting after it back in early March. You won’t find a high school team in the country who trains harder or smarter than these guys.

Keep up the good work, fellas!

2. One of the first things I learned as a writer in the fitness industry was that it was best to avoid writing about religion and politics. Still, I’m going to just come right out and ask: why the hell do we need a photo of a presidential plane with two F-16 fighter jets over New York City, anyway?  Are they trying to sell this sucker on EBay?

This one came at a price-tag of $328,835 to taxpayers – and that doesn’t even include the wasted wages on the thousands of citizens who fled their places of employment.  Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, this has got to make you want to go elwell on someone (inside joke, but I’m sure the rest of you catch my drift).

2. I’ve written previously on the tremendous benefits of increasing one’s dosage of Vitamin D through supplementation.  In particular, it seems to have a great effect on chronic musculoskeletal issues, particularly in darker skinned individuals in Northern climates.  Well, add one more benefit to the list.

According to British researchers, daily supplementation with Vitamin D cut prostate specific antigen levels by more than 50% in some patients with prostate cancer.  This marker is used as an indicator of the severity of prostate cancer.

3. I just got an email with some awesome feedback:

“I just finished your Maximum Strength program and had great success! Here are the stats:

Pre Max Strength
Bench Press = 300
Squat = 350
Deadlift = 425
3 Rep Pullup = Bodyweight + 15 lbs

Post Max Strength
Bench Press = 335
Squat = 385
Deadlift = 440
3 Rep Pullup = Bodyweight + 55 lbs

My weight stayed the same at 195 lbs at 5’10”.  Thanks for a great program!!!

-James Wigington”

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4. Someone asked me the other day, “when a person presents with little or no level of asymmetry, is it safe to say that no pain = no problem in this case?”

My answer would be that it is definitely not safe to say that. While asymmetry is often a good predictor of injury, it doesn’t tell us everything about an individual’s current state.  A lot of folks have bilateral strength/stability/flexibility deficits, and it’s just a matter of where they wind up breaking down first.

5. Movement of the Week: The Spin Kick (pants optional)…

Make it a TURBO weekend, everyone!