Stuff You Should Read: 4/4/10

About the Author: Eric Cressey

I’m about to head out to go to Fenway Park for the season-opening Red Sox vs. Yankees game.  So, with the baseball season officially underway, I thought it’d be good to kick this week off with a collection of baseball-related recommended reading material.  Of course, you can certainly always find plenty of great stuff on the Baseball Content Page here at  That said, here are just a few personal favorite articles that I’ve written (it was tough to just pick a few, as I love writing about this stuff!):

Crossfit for Baseball

Developing Young Pitchers the Safe Way

Risk-Reward in Training Pitchers

Weighted Baseballs: Safe and Effective or Stupid and Dangerous?

And a few baseball books that I’d highly recommend:

License to Deal (great look at the sports agent/representation industry)




And some favorite baseball-related DVDs:

The 2009 Ultimate Pitching Coaches Bootcamp DVD Set

Optimal Shoulder Performance (just released last week, and only around at the introductory price for a bit longer)