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Summer Interns Gone Diesel: Installment 1

Written on September 1, 2009 at 6:28 am, by Eric Cressey

Earlier this year, I introduced you to the “before” videos of our summer interns.  Needless to say, they weren’t pretty.

The good news is that they’ve gotten a lot better over the past three months, and to prove my point, we’ll be featuring each of them individually over the next few days.  First up, we’ve got the guy who went from Alex “Nash and Burn” to Alex “Straight Nash, Homey.”  Over the summer, Alex added 12 pounds to his frame, and some serious poundages to all his lifts (don’t have the numbers in front of me, but let’s just say that we were all stunned to see him front squatting 300+ pounds the other day).  He got 3/4 of the way through the Maximum Strength program.

Below, we’ve first featured his original video, and then the subsequent video from just a few days ago.  First, I should mention that we put the cage/net back up in our facility, which effectively shortened the sled distance – so we just added some sledgehammer and kettlebell swings at the end.  Second, you’ll notice that the weights on the sled are on the front, and not the back; this subtle change in positioning makes the exercise exponentially harder (especially on the floor and not the turf).  Third, you’ll notice that his push-ups look a heck of a lot better, particularly with a ton of fatigue.  Fourth, he doesn’t look like a newborn horse when doing the overhead lunge walk with the keg. Fifth, he doesn’t stop at all to rest; he just crushes it.  Sixth, and most importantly, chicks want him, and dudes want to be him.

The Before: Alex “Nash and Burn”

The After: Alex “Straight Nash, Homey”

Alex has already moved back to Minnesota to start a new job; we’re really proud of all he accomplished and wish him well.  Give our boy some love in the comments section.

Tonight, the rest of the interns have their “final exams”…

6 Responses to “Summer Interns Gone Diesel: Installment 1”

  1. Shuman Says:

    Well done Nash, you guys all made great improvement when it came to not only training but coaching as well. Good luck in the future, I have no doubt that you’ll do great at whatever you choose to do. Thanks for all the help the past couple months and good luck.


  2. Colin Says:

    Wow, he crushed that. Tough act to follow. I can’t wait to see Roger’s attempt.

  3. Steph Says:

    Alex rocks because the second time I trained with him he told me my last set of eccentric pull ups sucked (which they did) and made me do extra sets, made me to use heavier weights during one of my circuits and hovered over me on the slideboard with some BSP comments coming out of his mouth. Hence he got the name Brian Junior. I miss you already dude!

  4. Eitel Says:

    Awesome job Alex! You made it look easy! Thanks for all the help when I was out there and best of luck here in Minnesota. Maybe I’ll see you doing some sled-pulls at the Metrodome. 😉

  5. Chris P Says:

    Great job Alex……good luck with the new job!!

  6. Aimee Says:

    Great job Alex!!! Thanks for always adding more weight to my sled pushes/drags, when you knew I could do more. Like Steph said above, you are BSP Junior-esque! Best wishes in Minnestoa. You will be missed at CP, no doubt.

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