Summer Interns Gone Diesel: Installment 2

About the Author: Eric Cressey

It’s time for another intern end-of-summer finale.  Alex went the other night, but tonight, it was Phil “Gunzzzz for Hire” Gauthier’s turn to work his mojo on this medley (his effort put him in second place, just behind Alex’s time).

Phil also completed the Maximum Strength program with some big gains in size (over ten pounds) and strength while fixing up a bum shoulder this summer and turning himself into one heck of a coach.   Some credit goes out to Phil for:

a) doing this circuit after he’d already trained lower body easlier in the day (including a HUGE front squat personal best)

b) rocking his high school colors (Go Maynard!) and NOT wearing a Power Rangers t-shirt and spandex (watch the video; you’ll understand)

c) naming a professional hockey player as his emergency contact (“Sorry, Mom!”)

d) doing better push-ups than in the first go-round

f) giving us an even better frame of reference from which to appreciate just how bad Roger got dominated later this afternoon (more on that in a future blog; stay tuned)…

So, without further ado…

Give our man a little love in the comments section!  I know you’re out there, Maynard!