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Great Feedback on Optimal Shoulder Performance

We just received this great feedback on Optimal Shoulder Performance: "I just recently finished the Optimal Shoulder Performance DVD's.  Without a doubt, that was the best $100 I've spent on a home based CEU opportunity. The material was very well presented, the talks cut to the chase, and provided tons of practical ideas that I have already put into practice with my baseball and softball players. "In addition to the downloadable PowerPoint slides PDF, I took tons of notes because both of you offered up such great information. "I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a quality shoulder DVD to add to their professional library. "Thanks, guys, for a very high quality practical product!" -Kevin Collins, MS, ATC

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Cressey/Reinold Week at RobertsonTrainingSystems.com

Just thought you all might be interested in checking out a five-part feature Mike Robertson ran with material from Mike Reinold and I.  Here's what it included: In the Trenches Podcast with Eric Cressey and Mike Reinold The podcast that started it all!  Here we discuss how Eric and Mike got into the field, how they evaluate shoulders, and a bunch of baseball training.  You'll definitely like this one! Eric Cressey Q&A #1 - Shoulder Forces in Boxing Here, I describes the forces you're going to see during a typical punch in boxing, as well as what biomechanical factors might predispose boxers to injury. Eric Cressey Q&A #2 - Sternoclavicular Joint Dysfunction In this post, I talk about the potential causes of sternoclavicular joint issues and how to handle them. Mike Reinold Q&A #1 - Scalene Anatomy Mike discusses the scalenes, their impact on the shoulder, and why asymmetry may not be bad for baseball players. Mike Reinold Q&A #2 - Joint Capsule Surgical Techniques Mike discusses two different surgical techniques for correcting issues with the shoulder capsule, as well as what to expect post-surgery.
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Optimal Shoulder Performance Now Available!

I'm thrilled to announce that Mike Reinold and my new project, Optimal Shoulder Performance: From Rehabilitation to High Performance, is now available.  This four DVD set blends the world of rehabilitation and strength and conditioning like no other product on the market.  For more information on the product and to order, check out www.ShoulderPerformance.com. The introductory price will not last long, so don't delay!


Optimal Shoulder Performance: From Rehabilitation to High Performance

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Shoulder Savers: Part 2

In Part I, I told you my life story, reflecting on my favorite color and the fact that I was raised by wolves. Eventually, I got around to my first eight tips on how to keep your shoulders healthy. My creativity is a little lacking, so I haven't got any more stories to tell you, but I can at least offer eight more shoulder savers. Enjoy. Continue Reading...


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