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Maximum Strength: Get Your Strongest Body in 16 Weeks with the Ultimate Weight-Training Program!

“Eric Cressey’s cutting-edge four-phase program, featuring constant progression, variation, and inspiring goals, keeps you focused on increasing strength along with muscle mass, helping you achieve the fittest, most energetic, and best-looking body you’ve ever had – with fewer hours at the gym.”

-Co-authored by veteran fitness journalist, Matt Fitzgerald, who is renowned for his humorous writing style and ability to relate complex training strategies in simple terms

-4 progressive four-week phases designed to make you feel stronger and more athletic than ever before

-Each phase is complete with mobility warm-ups to keep you healthy and prepare you to train safely and effectively

-Recommendations for supplemental cardiovascular training based on YOUR body type

-Nutritional guidelines to follow to optimize performance

-A chapter on important considerations on how to plan your own future training

-Tips on mental preparation for training

-256 pages

-Over 200 illustrations to accompany in-depth exercise descriptions

-Foreword by world-renowned nutrition expert, Dr. John Berardi

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Experience the Event that took 30 Trainers, Coaches, and Athletes to the Next Level…

On July 22-23, 2006, 30 trainers, coaches, and athletes assembled in New York City for two days of professional and athletic development unlike any they’d ever had before. From functional anatomy, to static and dynamic assessments, to corrective exercise programming, and troubleshooting common exercise technique, these two days had it all – everything you need to build an efficient athlete. Here’s a chance to “catch up” to these 30 people; these two days are now available as an 8-DVD set.

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I’ve watched it with my own eyes, and heard about it with my own ears – thousands of times. MILLIONS of hard-working, dedicated athletes are spinning their wheels with ineffective off-season programming. These are athletes just like YOU and those that YOU coach. They’re experiencing mediocre gains or no gains when they should be improving dramatically. They’re settling for acceptable when they could be getting optimal. They’re sitting on the bench when they should be starting and winning MVP awards and championship trophies.

The time has come for an off-season training resource that will revolutionize the way that athletes and coaches approach this crucial time of the training year. The time has come to get to the truth. The Ultimate Off-Season Training Manual is that truth and much, much more!

Unlike other options out there that just provide cookie cutter programs, this breakthrough e-book won’t just teach you the “what;” it’ll teach you the “who, what, when, where, how and why!” It’s not a “do this” or a “the textbook says this” guide; it’s a how-to manual that will show you step-by-step what it takes to become a superior athlete faster than you ever thought possible!

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Magnificent Mobility marks a revolution in the way athletes prepare for competition, training, and rehabilitation.

Old-school methods of preparation, such as light cardio and static stretching, are things of the past. These inefficient and ineffective traditionalist approaches simply won’t prepare you for superior performance and they might even injure you!

In addition to serving as a great warm-up, the drills contained in this DVD will improve joint mobility — an important, yet often-overlooked quality necessary for optimal health and performance.

In this information-packed DVD, Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson give you all the tools necessary to teach your body to move more safely, efficiently, and powerfully. With over 30 exercises and the rationale for their use included, Magnificent Mobility is guaranteed to provide drills to get you healthy and take your performance to the next level!

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The Art of the Deload Special Report

We all know that with heavy and hard training comes a pressing need for deloads, or “backoff” phases.

However, in spite of the fact that we know we need them, many struggle with knowing how to properly implement deloads in their training. This special report outlines my top ten methods for deloading athletes and weekend warriors.

Regardless of your training experience, you’ll find strategies that will put you in a position to best realize the gains from your challenging training phases - and set you up for success in the ones that follow.

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Precision Nutrition

From Dr. John Berardi, this is hands-down the best nutrition resource on the market for fitness professionals, athletes, and ordinary weekend warriors. At only $97, it’s a tremendous value; you’re receiving six books, two DVDs, and two audio CDs. It features Gourmet Nutrition, the single-best healthy cookbook on the market.

Cressey Performance T-Shirts

Help support the cause with the same shirts Cressey Performance athletes wear. Available in medium, large, and XL t-shirts only ($17.99).

The shirts are black with the CP logo on the front and www.CresseyPerformance.com across the back.


Cressey Performance Camo T-Shirts

This is our newest and most popular shirt, and it is available in small, medium, large, XL, and XXL sizes ($24.99). These shirts run small, so order one size larger than you'd normally wear.

The shirts are black with the CP logo and "Elite Baseball Development" on the front and a small New Balance logo on the upper back.

Cressey Performance Hats

Both beanies and baseball caps are available for $19.99 each. Both are one size fits all.

  • Avoid the most common deadlifting mistakes
  • 9 - minute instructional video
  • 3 part follow up series